"Choose a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life"

Confucius clearly never really owned a business.
We set out to develop an organization that provides unmatched customer service and support to hard-working people just like us. We know it's tough. We know many gyms face modern problems such as market saturation. We've seen markets grow and evolve, and we've seen the economy shift and change. And we know that to stay current and competitive, your business needs to roll with all of those punches. The following is a list of services we can offer to help you grow your existing business, start a new one, or simply get a new outlook on what you're already doing well.

Grand openings (or re-openings)
Whether you just want ideas for how to launch your new gym or an additional location, or if you want support and staff for the actual event, we are here to get you off the ground.

Marketing advice
What works? What doesn't? What about this new fad or that old hat thing? How much should you pay? What should you expect in return? These and many other questions can be answered by our experienced staff members.

Web site analysis
We'll take a look at your existing site and help you find ways to improve its effectiveness. Need help designing a site? We can do that too!

Retail and equipment guidance
Everything from which brand sells the softest shirt or the best-fitting fight shorts, to how to find screenprinting, to which companies have the best reputation in gym equipment. Need help stocking your shelves or your classrooms? We've got you covered.

Staff management guidance
Here's something we all wish we had more guidance on when we started our businesses. Writing employment agreements. Managing staff and scheduling issues. Staff policies and procedures. You name it. Let us help you grow a winning team.

CrossFit programming*
Many of our clients are CrossFit affiliates as well as Krav Maga and MMA gyms. Why not take one thing off your weekly or monthly to-do list and let someone else handle the programming? We've got several CFL1-certified trainers on staff, with years of athletic, competitive, and teaching experience.

CrossFit business development*
How do you grow your CrossFit business? Much of it is the same as how you grow the rest of your business. But the CrossFit customer can be different, and luring them in can be difficult. From how to structure and run an On Ramp, to athlete retention ideas, we've got the support your CrossFit business needs to stay ahead of the pack.

*Foundation Krav Maga is not affiliated with CrossFit HQ as a training organization. We are CF affiliate owners, CFL1 and CFKids certified trainers. Any training we provide to your CrossFit staff is under the instruction of Foundation Krav Maga and is not meant to represent any relationship between us, our FKM affiliates, and CrossFit.