Upcoming certification seminars:

Krav Maga

Level 1 instructor certification
This 5-day course covers the Krav Maga level 1 curriculum, including technique, drill ideas, and business support. March 26-30, Columbus OH

Scandinavian Defendo

Instructor Screening Process
Candidates who are interested in becoming instructors for the Defendo Alliance North America, must first complete a 3-hour training and screening process. April 3 & 4, Albany, NY and April 10 & 11, Columbus, OH

Level 1 instructor training
June 11-15, 2014
Columbus, OH

Interested in attending or hosting any certification? E-mail us at info@foundationkravmaga.com for more information.

We offer several types of instructor certifications and training for you and your staff

Instructor certifications can be hosted at one of our national facilities, or at yours.
E-mail us at info@foundationkravmaga.com to set one up today, or check our seminars page to attend one that's already on the calendar.

Krav Maga instructor certification
FKM can certify your instructors in all levels of Krav Maga curriculum. Whether they are current Krav Maga practitioners or are new to the system, we can teach them the technical details, and more importantly, how to teach those details to a room full of people.

CORE Mixed Martial Arts instructor certification
MMA is a great way to diversify your offering and appeal to a wider variety of new members. CORE MMA can certify your instructors in our MMA program, which also includes ongoing rank testing for Muay Thai and BJJ.

Youth Martial Arts instructor certification
Foundation Martial Arts is a blended martial arts program for students ages 3 through 13. The curriculum is a unique blend of Krav Maga, Muay Thai and Grappling designed to build confidence, concentration, and pride in accomplishment through physical discipline. Foundation Martial Arts’ blended program is a belted system that takes students from white through black belt using a systematic schedule of stripe and belt tests. Upon earning their Foundation Black Belt, Foundation Martial Arts students are positioned to continue their training as teens and eventually as adults, by transitioning into the appropriate programs available at your gym.

Teen Krav Maga instructor certification
Teens face different challenges than younger kids and adults. The FKM Teen program addresses the specific needs of ages 13-18. FKM Teens builds on the foundation built in our FMA Youth program, and sets students up to continue into your adult program. Certification in Teen Krav Maga is separate from the Youth and Adult programs.

The following programs can help round out what your gym has to offer, and are simple trainings that can be added on to an instructor certification week. These are not certification seminars.

Cardio Kickboxing
Many of your potential members really just want to get in shape, and all of the fighting systems on your schedule might seem intimidating. This intense 30-minute class is a great option to help them ease into it. We'll teach your instructors how to run a killer high-intensity conditioning class that will be sure to keep members coming back!

Scandinavian Defendo
Developed in the same spirit as Krav Maga, Defendo is an effective use-of-force system that has powerful law enforcement applications due to its focus on obtaining a control position. Several FKM schools in the United States are also founding schools of NADA: the North American Defendo Alliance. Our partnership with Scandinavian Defendo instructors from Finland and the United States make it possible for you to add this program to your gym as well.

Youth Martial Arts after school program
Take what you already know from our FMA certification and turn it into an additional revenue stream by transporting kids right after school and keeping them busy till mom and dad get out of work. We'll show you what you need to know to get this program running.

CrossFit On Ramp* (proof of current CFL1 required)
Set your new athletes up for success by giving them a comfortable, safe, all-beginner environment in which to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit. This coaches' training includes a back-to-basics approach and an 8-class On Ramp lesson plan.

CrossFit coach development* (proof of current CFL1 required)
So, you got your CFL1, and now you're in front of a room full of athletes who just used to be your workout buddies. Did you learn how to be a good coach at that 2-day seminar? Maybe not. Let us help grow your CFL1 staff into better coaches, using many of the same teaching principles you'll learn in our Krav Maga instructor certifications.

CrossFit Kids after school program* (proof of current CFL1 and CFK required)
Just like our FMA after school program, but this one's all about CrossFit. Be the first in your town to offer this innovative option to families in your membership.

*Foundation Krav Maga is not affiliated with CrossFit HQ as a training organization. We are CF affiliate owners, CFL1 and CFKids certified trainers. Any training we provide to your CrossFit staff is under the instruction of Foundation Krav Maga and is not meant to represent any relationship between us, our FKM affiliates, and CrossFit.